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IUB McNair Scholar Alumni in the News

Former scholar Jessica Hernandez has been named a Mover & Shaker of 2013 by the Library Journal. Jessica was a McNair Scholar in 2005. She received an M.S. in Educational Technology from University of Arizona South, Sierra Vista.

Cody Foster's paper A Forgotten Catalyst: Herbert Hoover and the Creation of the Modern American Post-Presidency has been published by The Journal of the Historical Society. You can read the article here

Congratulations, Cody!












IUB McNair Scholars PhD conferred

Christopher Bass Ph.D., Physics, Indiana University, 2008 Currently: Physicist at The National Institute of Standards and Technology

Tiffany Bell, Ph.D., Communications, Howard University, 2013 Currently: Adjunct Professor, The Chicago School of Professional Accountancy

Nicholas Berry, Ph.D., Biochemistry, Indiana University, 2008 Currently: Medical Science Liaison at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jeana (Decker) Bracey, Ph.D., Clinical/Community Psychology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2010 Currently: Senior Associate at the Connecticut Center for Effective Practice of Child Health and Development Institute.

Noorjehan Brantmeier, Ph.D. Education and Human Resource Studies, Colorado State University Currently: Owner and Principal Research Consultant, Akala, LLC and Partner, Seven Sisters Community Development Group

Jessica Cantlon, Ph.D., Psychology, Duke University, 2007 Currently: Assistant Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester

Mari Dagaz, Ph.D., Sociology, Indiana University, 2010 Currently: Assistant Professor, DePauw University

Carrie Ferrario, Ph.D., Neuroscience, University of Michigan, 2006 Currently: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Pharmacology

Tanisha Ford, Ph.D., History, Indiana University, 2011

Jeffrey Gruenewald, Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, 2009 Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

Dorienna Harris-Alfred, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Indiana University, 2004 Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Auburn University

Nicholas Hillman, Ph.D., Leadership and Policy Studies, Indiana University, 2010 Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Tera R. (Hurt) Jordan, Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies & Demography, Pennsylvania State University, 2005 Currently: Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University

Aaron Kaestner, Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Illinois Chicago, 2011

Roshanak Kheshti, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology and Women's Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2005 Currently: Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego

Mark Kline, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Indiana University, 2011 Currently: Assistant Professor at Methodist University

Whitney Mills, Ph.D., Aging Studies, University of South Florida, 2010 Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Houston Veteran Affairs Health Services Research and Development Center of Excellence

Patrick Nolan, Ph.D., Psychology, University at Buffalo State University of New York, 2010 Currently: Psychologist at Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital

Paula Pea-Fite, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 2007 Currently: Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas

Jeffrey Pearson, Ph.D., History, University of New Mexico, 2010 Currently: Assistant Professor at Arkansas Tech University

Christopher Robertson, Ph.D., Neuroscience and Human Performance, Indiana University, 2007 Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Jacksonville University

Shannon Senefeld, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Argosy University, 2011 Currently: Director of Health and HIV, Catholic Relief Services

Nela Thomas Richardson, Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland, 2005 Currently: Senior Economic Analyst, Bloomberg Government

Jennifer Sprague, M.D./PhD., Pediatric Medicine, Washington University, 2007 Currently: Pediatric practice in St Louis, MO

Robert Tayon, Ph.D., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2011 Currently: Vice President, Securitized Products Research, Barclays Capital

Ebony Utley, Ph.D., Communications, Northwestern University, 2006 Currently: Assistant Professor, University of California, Long Beach

Edward Vargas, Ph.D., Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, 2010 Currently: Visiting Lecturer, Indiana University












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